Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well, due to the lack of enthusiasm about the Rose City 250, I though I would post the badges you get when you finish a Rose City event. These badges aren't for everyone though, only real motorcyclist get these.If you are part of the "It's too early, It's too far, too many riders" crowd, get back on your Virago, find a Starbucks at noon and wear the coffee cup heat shield around your bicep so you can be identified as a target for laughter and ridicule.

Berg gets a pass due to his I5 trip from Seattle to Portland on a CM200.

I'll see the "Real" motorcycle people Sunday at 5:30am.


  1. This was meant "tongue in cheek", I didn't mean to hurt anyone's felling.

    This ride is worth the extra effort to be a part of it. Don't miss it.


  2. Rampage, thanks for drumming up interest in the 250! 366 riders today, another great year.

    I like your "tounge in cheek humor" view of the event.

    See you out on the 500 and 1000.

    Eric -
    Up at 0430 setting up event,
    working a post entry table,
    then riding course "patrol" on my Virago 1100
    and loved every corner!

    (Must ride again, by myself ;-)

  3. HA! Virago 1100, I saw a green and white one there that day, was that yours? I used the Virago because it's the absolute opposite of the type of bike this crowd likes. I've ridden a 750 Virago and it needed more power. That coming from a guy that rides a 1200 Bandit.

    Great route for the 250, thanks for help putting it together.

    I'll be there for the 500 this year for sure, 1000 hopefully.