Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crash on Clinton

First of all, I want to say thanks to all of my friends that have shown so much support, I really appreciate it. Next, everyone is probably wondering what happened. Well, riding west on Clinton heading home from Rich's Thurs night; I was about 2 blocks from his house when a car decided to blow through the stop sign placed at 31st and Clinton. Needless to say I had to lock up and lay down the bike to avoid a full-on collision with the car. Unfortunately, my head/face took most of the impact with the road. Also, unfortunately, the car that tried to kill me didn't think it was important to stop to see if I was O.K. Thankfully, there was someone in the house next to the intersection which heard and saw what had happened and called 911. Unfortunately again, they did not get the plate number off of the car because they were more concerned with getting my bloody unconscious body out of the middle of the road. Thanks again to everyone-- you all are true friends, and YES and am considering getting a full face helmet.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Last night one of our own laid it down while on the way home. Jim was heading back to his place when something (no one really knows yet) happened and as things go his bike is pretty tweaked (we got it up to Chris at Cycletune this morning). Jim got off pretty lucky he has a couple of fractures and is banged up a bit but he's at home resting and is gonna be fine.

This could have happened to any one of us and we all must remember that no matter how safe or how good we are (or think we are) riding we can always be better.

Suffice to say I / we are all glad that jim is ok (he's a pretty tough dude, must be all that working out), and we got your back man! I am already diggin through crates to find some spare parts for the KZ.

Stay up Jim we all look forward to riding with you again soon.

Be careful out there people remember it's not a race but it is a war.





Seth hard at work or hardly working?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dry and 50 degrees! Gonna be a good night.... Meet up at Roscoe's 8105 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97215, Then well let's figure it out from there maybe a return to the Press club, who knows? See you all out there.

Sweet mother of god and saints in heaven preserve us.

Nice bikes too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hide Your Children!

Going to have it painted soon. Filters need to be cleaned, pipes wrapped and a couple things here and there and its done. It rides so fucking good though. My uncle is having a re-grand opening party for his shop so I will take photos of ridiculous choppers/cafe/street bikes so it should be fun.

Monday, January 25, 2010

400 / 4

Richard, SUPER GREAT video!! Love it!!
See below....

Here's a picture of the 400 / 4 when we bought it in 2008. Taped up seat, flames, rusted pipes, tall handle bars, missing side cover, busted / balled tires and super sludgy slow and untuned....

It's definitely has had it's issues, but judging from this photo you can see why.... We had a vision for it.

Last Thursday it died at the gas station on SE 82nd due to an electrical short. We checked EVERY wire, coils, alternator, etc... all good and functioning properly. Turns out that its screws were loose... the ones holding the wiring in the starter. They were sparking on the cover causing a short. All fixed now.. next up The Timing... Fun!!

Thank you all, especially Chris for helping us out on Saturday! I couldn't of made it out to the bike show with out you!!!


Great show! Got to see so many amazing bikes it was kind of overwhelming. Detroit's bikes looked amazing, even more bad ass shined up, Paul's 550 was sick with it's new paint job. Casey's flat tracker just sick, and of course Mathew's bikes always just the sickest trio of Suzuki's you are likely to see. Along with bikes and folks we know there was a plethora of cool ass, weird ass, and just bad ass bikes to see. Good people and good times all around this the type of event we need to see more of in Portland. Check out their website here,

400 / 4 CLINIC

Firstly I need to send a big thumbs up and a heartfelt thanks to Rampage, for all of his help with the 400 / 4. Not only did he step up with the rest of the crew on Thursday night to make sure the 400 got home safely where it could be worked on but came over all day Saturday to figure the little beast out and by the end of the day had it running better than it ever has!

And... THANK YOU to JIm, Berg, Chuck, The Roughnecks at the warehouse everyone who lent a hand on Thursday to see Agnes and the 400 home safe. You are all the reason that Motokafe and Motothursday is what it is a great crew to ride with and people who will go above and beyond to help out a fellow rider!

The 400 on it's way to the garage.

There's been too many bikes in the back of trucks on the blog let's change that!

Thanks again to all.

Friday, January 22, 2010

CB 550 Four ATC?!?!

Ever seen one of these? I havn't until now. This dude in Vancouver, WA had this in his garage. It runs and is pretty darn fast. Just goes to show that you can mix and match just about anything you can think of to create somthing new and DIFFERENT. Honda CB550 Four ATC.

Happy riding, -Pod-

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Meet up tonight at Roscoes at 7pm

Meet up Saturday at the Madien 5pm

Let's ride!


So I was looking at bike's on craigslist (suprise there), and came across this sweet CB 750 build. Called the dude up and ended up chatting about everything under the sun (and the bike too). Anyway Pod builds up killer CB's he has two 750's and a 550, as well as cool bikes he takes kilelr skate shots and puts out a cool skate zine called sauce. Skating and motorcycles what's wrong with that? Dig the photos...




Gordon's sweet girl on the road to a full and quick recovery!

Monday, January 18, 2010


New Motokafe crew member Chris just started his own blog check it out here:


Kyle wins the award for the first person to get pulled over on a Thursday and through pure luck get out of a shitload of tickets!
Great turnout big ups to the new faces who showed up! Welcome to Justin / Jessee, Chris and Andrew glad to have you out!

Berg as always showed up in style....


Detroit and I working on the build with some help from my four legged assistants last Saturday.

So this last round of work on the build went a little sideways and backwards but I suppose that is to be expected. While attempting the get the chain on there we busted a pin off in the link, and then later on Sunday Gordon and I attempted to bleed the brakes. After some false starts we got the front one bled but it still feels really sloppy. We then moved top the back brake which looks like it needs to be replaced entirely or rebuilt (the jury is still out). Desperate for a win of some kind I tried to drill out the frozen dipstick, and succeeded in breaking a really nice knife trying to pry it out, suffice to say it's still in there....

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Some really great Dakar photos to check out (that's my favorite below) even the photos of the 4 wheeled variety are cool! Anyway check out the address below to see more.


This looks like it is going to be a great event! I hope all of the Motokafe crew can make it out and show our support for these local builders and the scene. Friend of the site, Detroit will have a bike in the show as well ad Paul (who ride the sick little BSA last week). I think we should all meet up before hand for a drink so we can ride over together, any suggestions on where to meet, let me know.

Check out the very well done poster below and the web address for more info. See you there!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

careful out there guys, cops no longer have souls...
4 points for style, 3 points for balls, and an 8 point deduction for jackassary.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Two in a row!! This Thursday I'm not sick. Looking forward to getting out there and seeing you all at the Bye and Bye at 7pm (say hello to Ian and have a drink). Then maybe on to Kelly's and after that The Green Dragon. Okay folks get your thermals on and I'll see you out there!


We don't care what type of bike you ride, what kind of jacket you wear none of that bullshit. This is about the ride and like minded people who have a passion for motorcycles and riding motorcycles. Our group of people is as diverse as the type of bikes that show up on a Thursday or one of our rides. There's always room for one more so bring friends tell people you meet! Let's get more folks involved! Motothursday and Motokafe was started with the intent of bringing people together the more people who come out and ride the better the more bikes that show up the better. There are gonna be more rides as the weather gets better hopefully some bbq's and good times and I am grateful for everyone who rides and who gets involved. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all out there...


Saturday, January 9, 2010


Justin's sick build that is a 82 Honda CX 500!
The warehouse was full of great bikes like this beautiful Suzuki 500.
Like any good shop this one too is full of parts.
Paul's awesome cb 550 build looking better everytime I see it.

A great event and a good time super cool thing to do on a Saturday night! Thanks to Paul for opening the doors to his shop.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wyoming get's fucking cold in Oct.

2 assholes decided to ride to Denver one chilly October. It became very cold sleeping behind truck stops and filling stations.

Mmmm Women who break the Ton on /3's & /2's

1934 BMW R7

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here's to starting off 2010 right!

Meet up at the Bye and Bye at 7pm.

Then over to The Green Dragon and or The Speakeasy.

Hope to see you all out there.


Finally located a primary cover for the build! (Thanks Ebay). Here it is after a bit of Detroit's handy work.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Uni air filters check.
New fuel lines and fuel filters check.

New shiny hose clamps, new liquid gaskets, carbs are go!

As if all that wasn't cool enough we got the throttle sorted out, with a snappy return. Thanks to Gordon and Jim for the helping hands.


Just kidding... Seriously though the R90 found a new home in Jim's garage. A garage to garage delivery during the snow storm last week. We are all excited to see the R90 back on the road in 2010.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rhonda rebuild

Well, not that I've been out riding much lately, but I'll be down for a while until Rhonda gets her engine rebuild, fancy new coils, some rewiring, new rear brakes, and some sprucing up... Including, finally, a new seat. She's warm and comfortable now in my dining-room-come-shop. When she's back together, she's gonna zip along faster and will keep all her oil on the INSIDE. :)

Here she is before the engine drop. Dirty, dirty coils!

Miss y'all! Happy new year!