Friday, January 29, 2010


Last night one of our own laid it down while on the way home. Jim was heading back to his place when something (no one really knows yet) happened and as things go his bike is pretty tweaked (we got it up to Chris at Cycletune this morning). Jim got off pretty lucky he has a couple of fractures and is banged up a bit but he's at home resting and is gonna be fine.

This could have happened to any one of us and we all must remember that no matter how safe or how good we are (or think we are) riding we can always be better.

Suffice to say I / we are all glad that jim is ok (he's a pretty tough dude, must be all that working out), and we got your back man! I am already diggin through crates to find some spare parts for the KZ.

Stay up Jim we all look forward to riding with you again soon.

Be careful out there people remember it's not a race but it is a war.



  1. Sorry to hear about the accident! So glad to hear he'll be ok!

  2. Heal Up Jim, your bike will be ready before you will. "Lampshade" / "Rampage" is on the repair.

    This is a message to all to be safe on the streets.

  3. Thanks all, Jim and I really appreciate the sympathy and support! We really love you all