Monday, January 25, 2010

400 / 4

Richard, SUPER GREAT video!! Love it!!
See below....

Here's a picture of the 400 / 4 when we bought it in 2008. Taped up seat, flames, rusted pipes, tall handle bars, missing side cover, busted / balled tires and super sludgy slow and untuned....

It's definitely has had it's issues, but judging from this photo you can see why.... We had a vision for it.

Last Thursday it died at the gas station on SE 82nd due to an electrical short. We checked EVERY wire, coils, alternator, etc... all good and functioning properly. Turns out that its screws were loose... the ones holding the wiring in the starter. They were sparking on the cover causing a short. All fixed now.. next up The Timing... Fun!!

Thank you all, especially Chris for helping us out on Saturday! I couldn't of made it out to the bike show with out you!!!

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