Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crash on Clinton

First of all, I want to say thanks to all of my friends that have shown so much support, I really appreciate it. Next, everyone is probably wondering what happened. Well, riding west on Clinton heading home from Rich's Thurs night; I was about 2 blocks from his house when a car decided to blow through the stop sign placed at 31st and Clinton. Needless to say I had to lock up and lay down the bike to avoid a full-on collision with the car. Unfortunately, my head/face took most of the impact with the road. Also, unfortunately, the car that tried to kill me didn't think it was important to stop to see if I was O.K. Thankfully, there was someone in the house next to the intersection which heard and saw what had happened and called 911. Unfortunately again, they did not get the plate number off of the car because they were more concerned with getting my bloody unconscious body out of the middle of the road. Thanks again to everyone-- you all are true friends, and YES and am considering getting a full face helmet.

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  1. Jim, I am sad to see that you were injured but glad that you were not more seriously injured! I've been there, myself! Last year, I t-boned a car which cock-blocked me and broke both hands and a collar-bone. My bike was totalled and I was unable to ride from July through September. I was going to raz you about getting a full-face helmet but I see that your brain is still fully functional and that you've already made that decision. I hope that the other beanie-boys have the capacity to learn from someone else's mistake. Heal up fast! - Paul