Thursday, April 29, 2010

BMW work shop

Once again it will be Thursday night workshop down at the Shop. Feel free to swing by anytime after 6.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One more time....

Rich is currently on his 7th surgery.
When they unwrapped the leg after the plastic surgery it looked good, except for one spot of brown flesh. This 7th surgery will be to cut away this dead brown flesh and use the surrounding good tissue to cover the dead tissue. The docs think this will be a straight forward surgery. Other than this brown spot, the leg and foot look great!

Richard really needs his friends to come by and make him laugh. Extended stays in hospitals make the mind go stir-crazy... aga-

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey Ladies...

Okay as much as I love all the boyz that ride with us, I think we ladies need to start representin' For pure selfish reasons I just want a gal to chat with on our moto thursdays!
It's gettin sunnier and warmer -no excuses! Come on out ladies!
much love,

bad planning

This eveing a few of us will be at the shop preparing 3 dirt devils for Saturdays urban enduro. After the bye&Bye feel free to swing by and have a beer. Jim, thanks for picking up the slack.

Moto-Thursday -4/22

In honor of Earth Day, we are going to Ride!!!
What, they think we got polluting hogs! My bike gets great gas mileage!
Tonite's venue:
Meet at the Bye and Bye at 7:30 then who knows...
It is then open for discussion!
-Tammie & Jim

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Have The Technology

First off its good to hear that Rich is doing better and I hope for a fast recovery. As soon as Aga called me and told me I said your fucking kidding. But I know you will be in good hands because a lot of people care about you and will do what ever it takes to make things right.

And well its finished. It took over a week to paint this s.o.b. Sanded it down it was perfect then on the clear coat it reacted and back to sanding. After that was finished. A couple of adjustments and back on the road. Here are some before and after photos.

Update on Rich...

Rich had a 6 hour surgery on Friday, and then a 14 hour surgery on Saturday, and then... a 3 hour surgery on Monday...

He is recovering in Trauma ICU, and they are monitoring him very closely. The leg has good pulse and the skin graf and flap are good, but we are not out of the woods with the leg.

Visitors are limited at this time to his mom, my parents and me. However, both sents of parents say I should not go in there.

When he moves into a room that allows for visitors and he is strong enough to accept visitors, I will post it here.

He is strong, his vitals are all good, and the docs are right there to help him if he needs it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Benefit Show for our Boy....

Richard is in his 4th surgery as I write this email, and will be going through a 5th surgery Saturday morning.

Many folks have asked what they can do, and what a group of folks has come up with is a Benefit Show for Richard on his Birthday May 15, saturday. Venue to be determined by Todd J, and date will be confirmed by the end of April.

To help or donate to this event, please contact:
Todd J: 503-358-2814
Berg: 206-388-9055

Ideas I have, and please consider donating services, items, etc.... that you think are appropriate. In addition, we'll be celebrating Richard's B-day!
- Besaw's lunch
- Bishop's haircut
- Grand Central Bowling pass
- Imperial Tattoo
- Chad Kelco original art
- Tum Yeto wheels, skate boards
- Local 35 gift certificate
- Heather's amazing metal jewelry
- etc....

More info to come, but please contact Berg or Todd J if you would like to donate.

Much love and keeping it together here,

PS: Thank you Moto-Kafers for stopping by last night!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


You all ride safe tonight...
Maybe a nice ride up to OHSU as one moto-kafe pack for a quick visit would be nice. I know he would enjoy seeing you all. 7pm works for us.

He will not be available Fri and Sat since he will be having major surgery both of those days.
metal on Friday
plastic on Saturday

All of you have been soo great! We can't tell you how much it is helping us out. But, the road has just begun.... there will be a lot more work to get Rich up and walking and self sufficient when he eventually gets home. I hope we can all participate in that very important healing step. No word yet on when he'll be coming home....

much love

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Agnes

Keep the rubber side down. Be careful out there.

I would say today is the most difficult day for me. Rich went into surgery at around 8:30am, and he is still in there...12:15pm. No word from the team.

Today's surgery is critical, I can't even write the words of what the outcome can or can not be. you know... I'll keep you all updated on this site on his condition.

Yes, I can use your help:
-Studio needs attention, Jada is on that, thank god, and Berg
-Dogs need walking
-food up at the hosipital for Rich and I
-mail pick up from the studio and house
-general house upkeep
-blood donations in Richard's name, he's O+
-mental help, both me and Rich
- be a driver for a day, my mental condition goes up and down

You can reach me at 503-984-3381
I'm trying to keep it together. A blood drive or other type of benefit for Richard would really help out since bills are piling up and we are both not working now. thank you for any and all support.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank you for your support...

Richard and I want to Thank You for all your good thoughts and wishes. Richard is doing well. I'm up at OHSU with him daily. He's already gone through 2 surgeries, another one tomorrow. We don't know how long he'll be in here, so we really appreciate your good thoughts, support and prayers.... WE love you all, and thank you again for being there for us.... It's going to be a long road ..... we appreciate the support!


Hey Richard, Just wishing you a SPEEDY recovery from the SAUCE crew!!! If you need anything, please give a call.
For the rest of you out there, Please be SAFE and keep one eye on the road and the other on Americas retarded drivers!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Update on Richard

Richards condition is stable, this is not a life threatening injury but it could very well be a life changing one.

His Tibia is broken in two places and his Fibula is broken in three places. There is still a chance he may loose is leg below the knee due to various factors.

Good news is they got a pulse back in his foot on Sunday so the arterial surgery on Saturday was a success. He went back into surgery today at 3pm and more surgery is expected.

Please give Richard his space to heal and be there for Agnes if she calls you.

Agnes is following this blog from the hospital so post here.

Pulling for you buddy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rider Down...

Richard has been in a motorcycle accident with minimal speed involved. He is in stable condition at a hospital with a leg injury. The bike fared ok and Richards riding gear saved him. More as it comes. Ride safe.


Heart Transplant

I built this 1975 CB 550 about 6 years ago. It was a fun project and have ridden the fuck out of her since then. She's been all over Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona traveling to skate spot to skate spot. What A blast!! I bought her for $500 and didnt put too much more money into her. Just a lot of time. Two years ago I rode the West Coast on a solo skate trip that was a ride of a lifetime!! She has been in Phoenix since then as my winter rider down there. So nice to get out of the cold and rain. She had about 45,000 miles when I built her and I have easily put 20,000 since then. So you can imagine that with that many miles, how much longer will she last. Well, her motor has gotten very tired and leaky! I though i'd be able to ride her back up this summer. Not so sure if she'd make it. So I did the only thing a loving father would do, I packed up my 1980 Dodge van with trailer and hit the road to go pick her up! It was a great trip as I stopped and skated all kinds of spots along the way and visited friends and family as well. 2 weeks later we arrive home in Portland and now its time to give my baby a 2nd chance at a wonderfull life full of thousands of miles!
About 4 years ago I acquired a new (4,000 miles) engine and was sitting on it just for this occasion. Now its time to do a Heart Transplant! Ive found in the past that i'm not a very good motor rebuilder. Had to find a Doctor. The Doctor i've chosen is Paul at DOOMTOWN to rebuild the motor and spice it up a bit. If you dont know Paul, he is a real dude. A true Punk at heart that loves to wrench on motorbikes, and is especially in love with the CB 550. "These motors are the best in the world"
I'll be pulling my old motor and installing the new one here at my house in about a month or so. Just in time for summer's full swing and future roadtrips.
I hear the East coast is a great place to ride and riding across country to get there is just as rad.
Get out and take a ride of a lifetime. It's the best feeling in the world.



Okay kids I know these last few Thursdays have been a bit well scattered to say the least. One of our OG riders has moved out to the country and we all wish Hayden and his family good times and the best of luck, you can always catch up with Hayden and a good portion of the rest of the crew Tuesday nights at the Clinton Corner Cafe for some tunes and beers. We also have had a rough time organizing a big thanks to Brent and his efforts in keeping Thursdays running. As the weather gets better the rides should get longer and the meet ups earlier. The new mantra for Thursdays shall be more riding less drinking... Remember this is a night for all of us to come on out ride and have some good times.

I ride every day I can, as do a lot of us, some of us ride when we can, some of us pack on the miles and others are urban riders but we are all riders... There is a love and a passion for riding that we all share wether its 400 miles or 40 miles. There is cool stuff coming up to share Isle of Vashion, OVM, The Oregon 250 etc. Not all of us will be able to go on these rides sure but even if we are not there physically we are there in spirit. It's also important to remember that motorcycling as much fun as it is to do together is about the individual so ride your own ride.

I appreciate everyone who posts, and who comes out on Thursdays it is because of you all that Motokafe and Motothursdays are still going. Keep posting, keep riding, keep being invovled. There is room for us all here all types of bikes, all types of riders, all types of rides.

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.


1971 Triumph TR6R (OIF)

Worked on my Triumph today and almost got my Ass kicked by its electrical! I removed all guages, retard blinker lights, handlebar controlls, and added new lower European bars. Had to rewire some stuff and bypass the "Kill" switch. Took most of the damn day to figure out the bunch of wires! Now we are back in business. Just waiting for the new headlamp bucket and it's on. The thrill of VICTORY!!!

Well, due to the lack of enthusiasm about the Rose City 250, I though I would post the badges you get when you finish a Rose City event. These badges aren't for everyone though, only real motorcyclist get these.If you are part of the "It's too early, It's too far, too many riders" crowd, get back on your Virago, find a Starbucks at noon and wear the coffee cup heat shield around your bicep so you can be identified as a target for laughter and ridicule.

Berg gets a pass due to his I5 trip from Seattle to Portland on a CM200.

I'll see the "Real" motorcycle people Sunday at 5:30am.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday night hideout

You can swing by the warehouse at anytime after 6:00. going to roll out at around 7:20 to meet at the Corner spot by 7:30. 8:30 we are going to hit up the White Eagle ( 836 North Russell Street) 9:45-10 off to Roscoe's.

Rose City 250

Come One, Come All! This Sunday for a wonderful ride you are going to remember for a long time. This is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the area and they know how to put on a good ride.

Beaverton Honda across from Washington Square Mall
Sunday April 11th, Sign in 5:30am on the road about 6:30am

I know this is early but I can not stress enough how good this event always is!

Wonderful roads, great rest stops, well though out route with gas stops and...


Details can be found HERE.

- Dress in layers - cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon and bring rain gear in case, this is Oregon.
- Print off and fill out the sign in sheet the night before.
- Bring Cash for sign in and gas along the way. Small towns don't always take cards.
- Hang around for the awards ceremony, lots of cool door prizes too.
- Map/Instructions holder - If you don't have a tank bag bring a Ziplock bag with a zip tie and some duct or electrical tape and I'll show you how to make one to fit the booklet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Motor table is complete and in service. Powder coated, side box and motor. First motor 1966 BMW R60/2.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Is Ginger's new gig making all kinds of sexy ass seats and other goods for motorcycles and the dummies that ride em... Check her site out get your shit ass seat recovered today...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It is dry (finally)!

Sorry for the late update and last minute change... But come on out tonight to support mu good friend Todd J at Imperial tattoo!
Meet up at the shop (333 Northwest 11th Avenue Portland, OR 97209 (503) 223-1181) for some beers and maybe even tattoos!
See you all at 7:30