Saturday, April 10, 2010


Okay kids I know these last few Thursdays have been a bit well scattered to say the least. One of our OG riders has moved out to the country and we all wish Hayden and his family good times and the best of luck, you can always catch up with Hayden and a good portion of the rest of the crew Tuesday nights at the Clinton Corner Cafe for some tunes and beers. We also have had a rough time organizing a big thanks to Brent and his efforts in keeping Thursdays running. As the weather gets better the rides should get longer and the meet ups earlier. The new mantra for Thursdays shall be more riding less drinking... Remember this is a night for all of us to come on out ride and have some good times.

I ride every day I can, as do a lot of us, some of us ride when we can, some of us pack on the miles and others are urban riders but we are all riders... There is a love and a passion for riding that we all share wether its 400 miles or 40 miles. There is cool stuff coming up to share Isle of Vashion, OVM, The Oregon 250 etc. Not all of us will be able to go on these rides sure but even if we are not there physically we are there in spirit. It's also important to remember that motorcycling as much fun as it is to do together is about the individual so ride your own ride.

I appreciate everyone who posts, and who comes out on Thursdays it is because of you all that Motokafe and Motothursdays are still going. Keep posting, keep riding, keep being invovled. There is room for us all here all types of bikes, all types of riders, all types of rides.

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.


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