Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heart Transplant

I built this 1975 CB 550 about 6 years ago. It was a fun project and have ridden the fuck out of her since then. She's been all over Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona traveling to skate spot to skate spot. What A blast!! I bought her for $500 and didnt put too much more money into her. Just a lot of time. Two years ago I rode the West Coast on a solo skate trip that was a ride of a lifetime!! She has been in Phoenix since then as my winter rider down there. So nice to get out of the cold and rain. She had about 45,000 miles when I built her and I have easily put 20,000 since then. So you can imagine that with that many miles, how much longer will she last. Well, her motor has gotten very tired and leaky! I though i'd be able to ride her back up this summer. Not so sure if she'd make it. So I did the only thing a loving father would do, I packed up my 1980 Dodge van with trailer and hit the road to go pick her up! It was a great trip as I stopped and skated all kinds of spots along the way and visited friends and family as well. 2 weeks later we arrive home in Portland and now its time to give my baby a 2nd chance at a wonderfull life full of thousands of miles!
About 4 years ago I acquired a new (4,000 miles) engine and was sitting on it just for this occasion. Now its time to do a Heart Transplant! Ive found in the past that i'm not a very good motor rebuilder. Had to find a Doctor. The Doctor i've chosen is Paul at DOOMTOWN to rebuild the motor and spice it up a bit. If you dont know Paul, he is a real dude. A true Punk at heart that loves to wrench on motorbikes, and is especially in love with the CB 550. "These motors are the best in the world"
I'll be pulling my old motor and installing the new one here at my house in about a month or so. Just in time for summer's full swing and future roadtrips.
I hear the East coast is a great place to ride and riding across country to get there is just as rad.
Get out and take a ride of a lifetime. It's the best feeling in the world.


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