Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on Rich...

Rich had a 6 hour surgery on Friday, and then a 14 hour surgery on Saturday, and then... a 3 hour surgery on Monday...

He is recovering in Trauma ICU, and they are monitoring him very closely. The leg has good pulse and the skin graf and flap are good, but we are not out of the woods with the leg.

Visitors are limited at this time to his mom, my parents and me. However, both sents of parents say I should not go in there.

When he moves into a room that allows for visitors and he is strong enough to accept visitors, I will post it here.

He is strong, his vitals are all good, and the docs are right there to help him if he needs it.

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  1. Good to see Rich the other day at OHSU. We're all pulling for you. Get well, soon, man.