Thursday, April 15, 2010


You all ride safe tonight...
Maybe a nice ride up to OHSU as one moto-kafe pack for a quick visit would be nice. I know he would enjoy seeing you all. 7pm works for us.

He will not be available Fri and Sat since he will be having major surgery both of those days.
metal on Friday
plastic on Saturday

All of you have been soo great! We can't tell you how much it is helping us out. But, the road has just begun.... there will be a lot more work to get Rich up and walking and self sufficient when he eventually gets home. I hope we can all participate in that very important healing step. No word yet on when he'll be coming home....

much love


  1. Meet at The Speak Easy at 6:00, motor up the hill at 7:00? That's my plan. Hopefully see a few of you there.
    Next week we can maybe plan a little more in advance.


  2. cant make it this week (not in a good headspace for traffic.) Ride safe.

  3. Agnes, I've been thinking about you two all the time. I was out of town this week but will be around this weekend and can take the dogs here if that is helpful. At the least, we'll bring some good tasting food your way. I'm glad you have so much support here. You guys are very loved! - Lisa