Monday, January 18, 2010


Detroit and I working on the build with some help from my four legged assistants last Saturday.

So this last round of work on the build went a little sideways and backwards but I suppose that is to be expected. While attempting the get the chain on there we busted a pin off in the link, and then later on Sunday Gordon and I attempted to bleed the brakes. After some false starts we got the front one bled but it still feels really sloppy. We then moved top the back brake which looks like it needs to be replaced entirely or rebuilt (the jury is still out). Desperate for a win of some kind I tried to drill out the frozen dipstick, and succeeded in breaking a really nice knife trying to pry it out, suffice to say it's still in there....


  1. If you need another hand, I'm rather good with tools and bikes. Email details on what your stuck on, I'll come up with some solutions.

  2. Sounds like a fucking joke show over there. Add more booze. Everything will turn out just fine.