Monday, January 25, 2010

400 / 4 CLINIC

Firstly I need to send a big thumbs up and a heartfelt thanks to Rampage, for all of his help with the 400 / 4. Not only did he step up with the rest of the crew on Thursday night to make sure the 400 got home safely where it could be worked on but came over all day Saturday to figure the little beast out and by the end of the day had it running better than it ever has!

And... THANK YOU to JIm, Berg, Chuck, The Roughnecks at the warehouse everyone who lent a hand on Thursday to see Agnes and the 400 home safe. You are all the reason that Motokafe and Motothursday is what it is a great crew to ride with and people who will go above and beyond to help out a fellow rider!

The 400 on it's way to the garage.

There's been too many bikes in the back of trucks on the blog let's change that!

Thanks again to all.

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  1. Your very welcome. Helping others is just our nature. Thanks for keeping Candra and Malcolm entertained while Agnes's Dad (sorry I forgot his name) and I worked on the bike. He was truely the driving force behind getting the 400 4 fixed. It was a pleasure meeting and working with him. There's a lot more tuning to do on that bike as well.