Thursday, March 18, 2010


First off I would like to say thank you to Chris "Rampage" Holmes for all of his help and guidance through this phase of the build, without Chris the build would be in limbo.

So.... I lost all of the photos I took yay for me..

Last Saturday was a beautiful day to ride and I decided to spend it in my garage trying to get the build rideable. We started around noon and things were going very well until (and despite our best efforts) the linkage for the shift was too short.

So working around that we got her ready to fire and we kicked, and kicked and kicked... About an hour 2 beers 2 hot dogs and a burger later we were stumped.

Enter Agnes's dad, moving through the late afternoon and into the evening hours we took apart everything we put together and traced the problem to a loose connection in the electrical. Kick still no fire...

As Chris was perched atop the bike ready to give it one more try he realized "Hey I'm sitting on top of a bomb this will most likely explode" and wisely thought for a minute that the backfiring we had all been enjoying so much (with flames) was the sound of One cylinder firing.

Then we figured out the spark plug wires were crossed! Kick, smoke, kick, grumble, KICK, FIRE!

It runs and not only does it run it is LOUD! Once she started she kept going and going and going.

So it lives and now all we have to do is put it back together and a few final tweaks and look out.

For Chris's side of the story check out his blog at:

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