Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here's to more rides and more Motothursdays in 2010! Thanks to all of you who come out and ride and especially post to the site! More builds! More rides! More bikes! More beers! If you ride tonight ride safe and remember it's only a Motothursday if you come out.

Best of 2009 (In no paarticular order)

The cb 200 drag race out front of the press club where Joe emerged victorious, Berg did catch air off of the speedbump.

OVM show in Corvallis great ride great show, good times Seth pinned his 250 single beemer the entire way.

Good times and helping hands at the warehouse KICK ASS man!

20 plus people nights during the summer, awesome.

14 plus person on night with freezing temperatures.

Riding with Mikey (always the best).

The XS build, gonna be killer thanks Sean.

Gorodons Street Triple, fucking awesome Orange beast.

The 200, the SV, the KZ, The R75 (all gone to good homes.

Thanks again and Cheers to 2010

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